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Nanaimo Animal Control Services
1260 Nanaimo Lakes Rd, Nanaimo, BC  V9R 5P4

Our Services are Available to Any Municipal Government on Vancouver Island

We can provide complete or partial services in the following areas:

  • Animal Control

    • reactive & proactive investigation & patrol

    • emphasis on voluntary compliance through education

    • enforcement with discretion

    • qualified & experienced Officers and Staff

    • promote responsible pet ownership & humane treatment of animals

    • dangerous dog management

  • Poundkeeping

    • reunite animals with owners

    • adopt unclaimed animals

    • self-funded Spay & Neuter program

    • field trip destination for elementary & middle school classes

  • Dog Licensing

    • establish & administer a professional and convenient program to license dogs

    • data entry / renewal notices / overdue notices

    • maximize revenue through door-to-door canvassing & license enforcement

  • Disaster

    • response planning

    • gather supplies & equipment

    • promote readiness & educate public

    • train staff & volunteers

    • operational response & coordination

Nanaimo Animal Control Services Ltd. is a private company. We provide Animal Control and Poundkeeping services to municipal governments. We operate from the City of Nanaimo's Pound at 1260 Nanaimo Lakes Rd in Nanaimo, BC.

We have been providing services to the City of Nanaimo since 2015. Our sister company, Victoria Animal Control Services, has been providing services to the City of Victoria since 2004, the District of Oak Bay since 2007, and the Township of Esquimalt since 2012.

Other services:

  • Consulting

    • Single Issue Case Management - review & recommendations

    • Assess & Re-organize existing Pound Operations

    • Plan & Establish new Pound Operations

    • Animal Control & Poundkeeping Policy Development

  • Dangerous Dog Management

    • We can respond anywhere on Southern Vancouver Island to: apprehend and confine vicious dog(s) and transport them to a secure facility or to a Veterinarian.

    • Policy / Procedure to professionally investigate dog bite incidents to determine whether a dog should be declared as a Dangerous Dog.

Mission Statement


To provide municipalities and their citizens with a respected, responsible and reliable Animal Control service dedicated to solving problems through education, partnerships and proactive service to the community.

Laws will be enforced impartially, with consistency and discretion to ensure public safety and community standards are maintained.

Success will be achieved by experienced and qualified personnel committed to responsible pet ownership and the humane treatment of animals.


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