There are 12 parks within the City of Nanaimo where dogs are permitted to be off leash.




Beaufort Park

A partially fenced section of Beaufort Park is available for off-leash dogs. It adjoins the gravel parking area at the end of Chelsea Crescent.

Beban Park

A fully fenced area with a section for large and small dogs. This park tends to be quite busy and is best for dogs who are very dog-social.

Cable Bay Trail

This beautiful forested park features almost 2km of walking trails, eventually leading to a rocky beach.

Colliery Dam Park

The off-leash area in Colliery Dam is adjoining the upper dam and the parking lot off Nanaimo Lakes Rd. This is a great place to allow dogs to swim. The rest of the park features walking trails through the forest which can be enjoyed with leashed dogs.

Diver Lake Park

The sports field adjoining the parking lot at the end of Black Franks Drive is open to off-leash dogs from October 1st to April 30th. The area is a great place for a game of fetch. Please keep in mind dogs are prohibited from the field in the summer months.

Gallow's Point (Protection Island)

An open grassy park with beautiful views.

Invermere Beach

This is the only off-leash park with ocean beach access and is a great place for dogs to swim. The beach is at the bottom of steep stairs. There is parking at the top of the stairs off Icarus Drive.

May Richards Bennett Pioneer Park

The forested area behind the sports fields offer a 1km network of trails. There is a moderate incline but it's fairly easy walking. Gravel roadside parking is available around the perimeter of the park. Please keep in mind dogs are prohibited from the sports fields and must be leashed in other areas of the park.

Northfield Park

This completely fenced off-leash park is next to the Parkway Highway at the intersection with Northfield Rd. There is a large parking lot and access to the Parkway trail, where dogs must be leashed.

St. George Ravine Park

This small park features a grassy off leash area. Dogs must be leashed on the pathway.

Westwood Lake Park

There is an area for off-leash dogs on the back side of Westwood Lake Park. Follow the trail off the main path up to a dirt road running beneath the power lines. Dogs must be leashed in the rest of the park. Dogs are prohibited from the beaches from May 1 - Sept 30.

Wardropper Park

A fully fenced open field off Departure Bay Rd offers a great place for a dog to run. We find this park to be usually less busy than the other fully fenced parks.